Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Local Delivery

I would like to take a moment to talk about Spoonflower. I think they are such a great company, they allow people to design their own fabrics and buy them for a very low price, starting at just $18.00 a yard. They also offer different types of fabric as well. Best of all, at least for me, the fabric is all printed in Durham, North Carolina, just a few miles from us. They also offer one fabric that is completly made in The United States.

These are some of my favroites:

1st Row: Fig-a-licious, Evotree number twenty six, White Anemones
2nd Row: Zig-Zag Noir, Rabbit and heart linen, Dog Show
3rd Row: Doves, Nasturtiums, Play Mat
4th Row: Tiny Bow Ribbon, Charted Waters, Christmas Lights

My head will not stop buzzing with ideas for all of these great fabrics!

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