Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soggy Morning...Sunshine Afternoon

The weather can be so unpredictable in North Carolina.  My relationship with the weather is indeterminable.  Therefore, I find the best way to deal is to enjoy and look for the good in every experience.  
Driving into work yesterday there was a pleasant sprinkle of rain drops.  Rain can become such a vessel for conceptual images, ideas and design.  Take for example 3Form - an unique material company. This company uses its surroundings to bring us some of the coolest materials in the market while allowing us to do almost anything we want with it!
image from 3Form
"Bubbles Poured" is a cool new material that can be used in many unique applications. 
image from 3Form
Corporate or Residential Application
Check out the many more cool designs and styles from 3From!

While the day went on so did the rain.  Driving home was a breezy sunshine ride!
The sunshine in the fall can bring out the most spectacular colors of the season.  For instance these bright colorful pillows would lighten and liven up almost any space. They seem so happy!
OR how about brightening up a space with some funky and happy fabrics...
Schumacher's printed fabrics run the gamete of fun with so many color way options to please any color palette.

Inspiration is everywhere, from a soggy morning to a sunshine afternoon!

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