Monday, January 17, 2011

British Invasion.

I have always thought that if I had to move anywhere else in the world that I would fit in the most in England. I loved Paddington & Pooh as a child, pre-Disney days. I sported Hunter wellie boots before they were trendy. My dog has a little bit (we think!) of English Setter in him. I prefer tea to coffee. I get British "humour" in the film & literary world. In fact, I'm reading a pretty great novel right now, and can't wait to see The Kings Speech! I think fascinators are pretty neat. While all eyes will turn to England this spring to see the nuptials of the future King & Miss. Kate, I'm hoping the world will take notice of the British sense of home decor.

I love the classic, crisp, & clean style of Jane Churchill's textiles. They beckon you to relax & move in!

Cowtan & Tout's mix of pattern, texture, & color are no better described than as yummy. Their elegant & classic patterns are updated with a fresh twist of color.

Timelessly elegant best describes the designs of Colefax & Fowler . Their subtle & sophisticated color palate adds a sense of calm to any space.

Farrow & Ball is launching a new collection of colors on February 1st and I couldn't be more excited to see what they might be! A perfect selection of muted & calm paint colors, Farrow & Ball covered walls can be seen in just about any shelter magazine you pick up.

{images credited to: Jane Churchill, Cowtan & Tout, Colefax & Fowler, Farrow & Ball.}

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